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JIMMA coffee
is probably the oldest type of coffee in the world.This is the type of coffee that most of the people in Ethiopia regularly drink. JIMMA has a tart flavor with ahint of spice.It is the true Arabica coffee.
HARRAR coffee
is from the Harrar region,which is located in the mountainous area of Eastern Ethiopia.This coffee is quiterare in North America, but is much valued for its rich and deep chocolate mocha flavor.In fact,this particular coffee is often blended with JIMMA coffee to make classic Mocha Java.
Considered the finest of all coffees taste tart bite.

Wide Range of Coffee Families

It has medium sized bean, greenish – grayish in color. It is known for its balanced taste and good flavor, is called sweet coffee. It has fine acidity and good body and is produced in the southern part of the country.
It has an intense flavor known as flora. The washed Yirgachefee is one of the best high land grown coffees. It is a coffee that many roasters are attracted to its dedicate fine flavor and are willing to pay a premium for it. The Yirgacheffee is harvested from 2000m altitude highland valley near Lake Abaya in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. (South of Addis Ababa).
It is one of the highest premium coffees in the world. It is grown and cultivated in the eastern highlands of Ethiopia. The beans are medium in size, with greenish – yellowish color. They have medium acidity and full body and a distinctive moca flavor.
Many roasters, especially in Europe and the USA, attracted by its spicy and wine flavor. It has a medium-sized bean, and is greenish – bluish in color and mostly round in shape. It is grown and cultivated…